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We brew the kind of craft beer we love because we know you’ll love it too.

To brew we only ever use the finest malt, hops and yeast to ensure our beers give you the highest standards of quality, freshness, consistency and drinkability.

Ultimately, it’s all about the flavour and the aroma – the proof is in the taste.

At our microbrewery in Southampton, we brew with attitude and from the heart. All you need is your senses, some curiosity and be ready to have your taste buds turned on.

Released Spring 2017

Our headliners

One small step for an IPA fan but one giant leap for a lager drinker, this IPA uses an American hop to give it a wonderful fruity, floral, citrusy and earthy aroma. The slightly sweeter malt backbone, finishing with a dryness and a subtle hop presence, makes this the prefect transitional beer for the recent converts to craft beers.

Rogue is an America Pale Ale – strong on flavour and aroma. To achieve this special brew we use only one hop. This is a powerful US hop with flavour notes of grapefruit & intense pine. It is generally used as a bittering hop, however we have been able to mix it in such a way that we use it in every stage of the hop additions resulting in our lovely fruity APA.

Outlaw is a West Coast styled beer that packs a fresh, fruity punch. The unique flavour, aroma and strength comes from a very complex mix of hops from around the world. This is a hop forward beer with a soft malt backbone.

Our Milk Stout is what it says it is, a lovely complex mix of seven different malts supported by a good amount of milk sugar (lactose) to give it a sweet yet complex flavour profile. Only two hop additions here, one for bittering and then one for a little aroma.

Butler is a complex porter that aims to please those who love the noticeable coffee and cocoa flavour that’s only gained from using a good volume of Chocolate Malt. This, combined with the Flaked Oats, help make Butler the servant of taste it is. Plus, we have included five different speciality malts and only two hops at the bittering stage, which adds a robustness to the old smoothie.

Swifty is the beer that puts a whole new spin on the expression ‘popping out for a swift one’. Indeed, we challenge you to drink only one beer that combines both White Wheat & Vienna to give it such a nice body and aroma. We then add in a little crystal for sweetness and finally a huge hop addition to give you a truly flavoursome beer at under 4%.

This is a beer who’s ride has been pimped! Munich Malt makes up nearly 40% of the grain profile, which gives Hot Rod a lovely malt flavour with a smooth finish. Combine this with a generous volume of hops throughout the boil and dry hop and you really do get the best of both worlds with this beer. In fact, never has a mix of malt and hops tasted so hot.

Tinker is a verb and can mean ‘to make small changes to something, especially in an attempt to improve it. This beer is an English take on our APA Rogue, we use American Simcoe hops but we have tinkered with the malt profile to create a crisp fruity IPA with a dry finish. You’ll be amazed how a small change can make such a big difference to the taste of a beer.

*COMING SOON* The Clint Eastwood of beers, a wonderful combination of 9 different grains, a generous amount of bourbon with infused oak chips. The resultant beer is a dark complex stout where the roasted malts provide hints of coffee & caramel, not forgetting the smooth oaky bourbon finish. Why not give it a shot?

To deliver our moreish American amber we use a total of 5 different malts but predominantly Pale and Munich, with the addition of some Crystal malt for sweetness. A healthy level of bittering and flavouring hop additions provides us with a full bodied malty beer with rich caramel notes.

It might look hazy but let’s be absolutely clear on one thing – this beer is so fruity it should be growing on a tree. As soon as you put the glass to your nose you will know exactly what we mean – a fruity IPA with a huge hop punch. Using light malts and oats combined with huge flame out and dry hop additions we have created a truly irresistible beer.

*COMING SOON* To celebrate their 175th anniversary, one of Southampton’s oldest companies, Elliotts Builders Merchants, partnered with us to produce this refreshing beer. Brewed with the perfect combination of hops and malt we deliver a dry IPA with a fantastic citrus aroma.

These are just some of our beers, we have lots more for you to try

Brewing up a storm

We started our journey into brewing about five years ago with copious amounts of research (and by research we mean drinking) into craft beers and the places selling them. Ok, it was a tough job but somebody had to do it.

Now we're well into creating and kegging our craft beers with the love and care they – and you – deserve.

So here's where you can catch up with all the latest news from our Head Brewer, Rob.

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