In a glass of our own

Craft Beer in Southampton from Our Local Microbrewery

Here's what happens when you do too much thinking about the state of British beer - you start your own brewery.

Yep, we decided to put our money where we hope your mouth is going to be and launched the Tap It Brewing Company, aiming to become the leading Southampton brewery (and beyond!)..

That's because when it comes to craft beer we're not just consumers but connoisseurs. In fact, we aren't just passionate about craft beer, we're crazy about craft beer. We are not called the Fermentalists for nothing.

So we started to brew our own Southampton craft beer, then we started to worry. Who was going to handle, store and pour our brilliant craft beers so they taste as good as they should?

You know what's coming, right? Our first bar. The Taps, in Oxford Street, Southampton.

We'll be opening our doors soon.

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Our beer

Brewed with attitude

At Our Local Southampton Brewery

We brew the kind of craft beer we love because we know you’ll love it too.

To brew we only ever use the finest malt, hops and yeast to ensure our beers give you the highest standards of quality, freshness, consistency and drinkability.

Ultimately, it’s all about the flavour and the aroma – the proof is in the taste.

At our microbrewery in Southampton, we brew with attitude and from the heart. All you need is your senses, some curiosity and be ready to have your taste buds turned on.

Released Spring 2017

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See you there?

Because we’re passionate about our beers we like to share what we do with all you beer drinkers. That’s why events are so important to us, we get to meet you all face to face and talk about what we love.

From taproom takeovers to beer festivals, or here at our very own brewhouse and taproom, we want to meet you guys and show off our great beers. If you want to know what gets poured in your glass, check out what’s going on below and come and see us sometime for a beer and a natter.

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Brewing up a storm

We started our journey into brewing about five years ago with copious amounts of research (and by research we mean drinking) into craft beers and the places selling them. Ok, it was a tough job but somebody had to do it.

Now we're well into creating and kegging our craft beers with the love and care they – and you – deserve.

So here's where you can catch up with all the latest news from our Head Brewer, Rob.

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Why not pop by our very own brewhouse and taproom to sample our latest headliners?

Unit 6

Muira Industrial Estate


SO14 5QH

Taproom now open

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Our bar

Where the glass is always half full

45/45A Oxford Street



SO14 3DP

Opening Soon!

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